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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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TKD Instructors

Meet Our Instructors!
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Master Jim Wilson

Master Jim Wilson is the Regional Director for schools in Texas and Acuna, Mexico. Master Wilson currently holds the rank of 4th Dan. Master Wilson has led trips to Zacatecus, Mexico and all along the Texas/Mexico Border. Trips also include the Dallas area, Colorado, and Hong Kong. Master Wilson enjoys studying technique and helping his students learn practical applications of TKD. Master Wilson serves as Senior Pastor of Esperanza. He holds a Master of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry in World View and Cultural Engagement.

Master Bethany Wilson 

Master Bethany began her TKD training in 2001 at Open Door TKD in Raleigh, NC. During a mission trip to Acuna, Mexico in 2004, she used her TKD skills at VBS and in a demonstration at the Presidential Plaza. She has been using those same skills around the country and even internationally in demonstrations and camps ever since. Master Bethany currently holds the rank of 4th Dan. Master Bethany enjoys the study of Poomse (forms) the most. She loves to teach Mighty Kids and is currently overseeing our Mighty Kids Program. Master Bethany recently graduated with a degree in Music Composition and also teaches music lessons at Esperanza.


Head Instructor Anna Scheller

Head Instructor Scheller earned her 3rd Dan in August 2015. She has been an Instructor with Esperanza TKD since 2010. Mrs. Scheller enjoys working with our beginner students helping them begin their journey to black belt. Her biggest reward is watching students grow in skills as they advance in rank. Instructor Anna has been  married to Instructor Phillip Scheller for 35 years, is a mother of 7, and the cohost of “Black Belt Selling” radio show.

Instructor Phillip Scheller 

Mr. Scheller holds a 2nd Dan.  Instructor Scheller works with our beginner students on a regular basis and heads up our Bible lessons at TKD every week.  He enjoys teaching others the art and skill of self-defense and seeing them become better than they thought they could be.  But His favorite aspects of TKD are teaching others about Jesus and the ways of God through scripture during the class devotions, and how these directly relate to learning TKD and living our lives.  Instructor Phillip enjoys woodworking, hunting and the shooting sports, is a retired F-16 fighter pilot, and an ordained Elder here at Esperanza Community Church.

Instructor Sarah Pool

Miss Sarah has been practicing Tae Kwon Do for over 3 years now and currently holds the rank of 1st Dan. Miss Sarah teaches in the Mighty Kids and After-School programs at Esperanza, and is passionate about teaching young children. Miss Sarah particularly enjoys traveling around Texas with our TKD Demo Team helping to host Tae Kwon Do camps and perform in demonstrations. In her free time she enjoys playing guitar, archery, and horseback riding.


Instructor Justin Westbrook

Mr. Westbrook has been doing Tae Kwon Do for 3 years and is currently a 1st Gup. Mr. Westbrook first began his Tae Kwon Do training in 2014 with his kids, as a way to stay connected while his wife was stationed in South Korea. Upon her returned they were stationed at Laughlin AFB where they met the TKD family at Esperanza. Mr. Westbrook loves the quality of technique and character development that Esperanza TKD provides. He feels blessed to be able to pass that on to other students. Mr. Westbrook has been married to his wife Sabrina for 16 years, is a father to 3 kids, and has been an Information Technology Specialist for the Air Force for 17 years. He enjoys playing bass guitar, fishing, and working on cars.